• Thousands of fabrics are available, including translucent mesh fabrics, light filtering and complete blockout. Mesh fabrics are available with hole sizes 3%, 5% and 10% of the area of the fabrics.
  • Quality fabrics from Belgium, France and the United States. Some of the cheaper fabrics give off a plastic odour and do not hang or cut very well.
  • Fibreglass fabrics with varied openness to maximise view or shading
  • Stainless steel chain operation or motorised. We always use a stainless steel chain with our blinds to prevent rusting if the window is left open and the rain comes in or there is a salty breeze if you live near the coast. Or perhaps you have wet hands. The cheaper alternative is to use a nickle plated ball chain but this will cause rusting problems with the brown rust getting onto your fabric
  • The blind is supplied with a quality roller system for reliability and ease of operation.
  • Day & Night System. In the daytime when standing outside the home looking at the window when a mesh fabric is used it is virtually impossible to see into the home while from inside you can see out. However at night the reverse happens. To get around this problem of privacy we add another blockout roller blind to the rear of the system which can be pulled down whenever required.
  • Provide shade and privacy
  • Reduces glare but still allows light to penetrate and the ability to see outside.
  • Another advantage of the roller blind is that they can be rolled up neatly and are basically
    out of the way near the ceiling or behind the pelmet. They can also be lowered say
    one-third to reduce sky glare and let your eyes relax while at home.

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