wooden venetian shutters

  • The wooden Venetian blinds are available in 46mm and 60mm blade widths.
  • The venetian blinds can be painted in any colour (including matched to your sample) or clear lacquered.
  • Swedish mechanism and strong strings provide optimum product life

The wooden Venetian blinds are custom-made in Sydney using Western Red Cedar Venetian blades. Sourced in Canada, this timber offers vastly superior properties to other woods or synthetic
materials. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage make it the ideal choice for any surface exposed to sun, heat, cold or rain.
Wooden Venetian blinds made from cedar timber:

  • won’t warp or crack
  • won’t twist or buckle, even in extreme sunlight
  • is kiln dried (in other timbers the sap can burst through the paint)
  • Is durable and lightweight
  • Lasts for decades with little maintenance

Note: We can show you a simple “trick” for our Venetians that gives you different blades angled to separate privacy from view & similarly with the control of light.

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venetian blinds